Centralised Project

MBCOL has over the years sought to develop a project that would provide centralised funeral service. The Trustees of MBCOL have remained actively engaged in developing this aspect of MBCOL’s work.

The proposed project will include the provision of a complete and comprehensive interment service to serve and cater to the present and future needs of the diverse communities of Leicester. The project will provide a counselling service, cialis educational activities, training and resource centre to enhance its core function. The project will operate in partnership with the statutory authorities and is formulated to relieve the ever increasing burden placed upon them.

During a recent meeting attended by various Leicester City Councillors, medications The NHS Trust, the Leicestershire Constabulary and including representatives from other statutory agencies there was full agreement made at the meeting that a need for the proposed services does exist within Leicester and Leicestershire and that the local Authority would fully support an application made by MBCOL once suitable land had been identified.

Further more, in establishing this project MBCOL will be in a better position to undertake and further some of the concerns raised by local and central government. MBCOL is already involved in a limited capacity in the interfaith and community cohesion programme. The project will provide a platform to further promote key issues from this agenda. MBCOL is the best placed vehicle to tackle such issues because of our widespread links within the community and interfaith organisations. By engaging and strategically widening our role, we will be better placed to facilitate positive interaction between the various communities, women and young people.

The need and potential of this project cannot be underestimated. Leicester has an excellent reputation as a diverse city with harmonious relations between its faith communities. This project will, without doubt, build on and strengthen this standing.

This recognition of our excellence should not be belittled. It came about as a result of a deep commitment by our member organisations that are prepared to work for a common purpose that benefits all. It is this dedication and ambition that MBCOL would now want to expand on and begin to create a reality to the vision we have of the future.

With your Duaa, Allah willing, we shall not falter or doubt our vision and ambitions.