e-Petition – Reform Post-Mortem procedures – Dont torture the dead

MBCOL, a voluntary out of hours funeral arranger and bereavement consultation agency, supports improved access to less-invasive post-mortem examinations wherever possible. MBCOL continues to work alongside pathologists, radiologists, HM Coroners and other professionals to develop the use of such techniques in a fair and scientific way.

Suleman Nagdi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at MBCOL, states ‘We see first-hand the traumatic effects that traditional autopsy has upon loved ones of the deceased at a time of great vulnerability, however, we also know that Coroners have a professional duty to uphold when they perform them. Any alternative measures used must meet their stringent standards to determine the cause of death. At the current time, imaging techniques such as CT and MRI scanning are able to accurately confirm the cause of death in only selected cases.’

In relation to the recent e-petition entitled ‘Reform Post-Mortem Procedures – Don’t Torture the Dead’, MBCOL supports the call to the Ministry of Justice to supply an imaging option in place of an autopsy where appropriate, as indicated by scientific evidence. However, MBCOL calls for this option to be made available by the state to all families and not just to those that can afford it on a private basis. We realise that not all families can afford the private option therefore MBCOL does not support a two tier system. Furthermore, MBCOL opposes the accusatory speculation of some that deceased bodies are mis-treated, used for research without consent or that organs are retained for non-forensic purposes when they undergo post-mortem examination. To this end, MBCOL urges everyone to be well-informed of the legal and professional guidelines which have been implemented following the Alder Hey organ retention scandal, and in particular of the Human Tissue Act 2004, which prohibits such activity.


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