Leicester City Council

Leicester City Council has worked hard, click in the last few decades, illness to create and manage the process of change involved in the existence of an increasingly complex multicultural and multifaith city. In this period the Muslim community has grown in numbers and in importance, in the city. We have seen Leicestershire, considerable sub communities from many parts of the world, emerging and developing. We have also seen the development of the prestigious MBCOL, in this context successfully mainstreaming service delivery to all communities. The partnership forged with Leicester City Council Burial and Cemeteries Service has become even more important.

 This website and guidlines within therefore are extremely valuable to both Muslims and non Muslims alike. It is fair to say that there is a great deal of ignorance about Muslim burial requirements amongst non Muslims that these guidelines go along way to answer. They also endorse partnerships with the local authority and statutory services and the remarkable progress made by MBCOL since 1994, with Leicester City Council support and consultation. Working together has allowed us to tackle difficult issues in a sensitive manner. Leicester City Council seeks to deepen consultation with the understanding of the Muslim community in the City. The experience of death is always painful and must be approached by the Authority with dignity and compassion based on the clear guidelines outlined here.

At a time of bereavement emotions are high and Leicester City Council is extremely fortunate in being able to consult genuine expertise that also enjoys the support of the Muslim Community. MBCOL has become a model of good practice throughout Europe and a shining example of how a listening Council can work with Faith Communities to ensure a high standard of service.

Late Paul Winstone
Policy Officer, Chief Executives Office, Leicester City Council