Discovering Through Death - Beliefs and Practices

Discovering Through Death – Beliefs and Practices is aimed to help an individual or family through the various stages and processes prior to burial, cremation and also signpost them towards counseling and support services for the bereaved. The publication will also cover the legal and health aspects of bereavement.

This 195 page reference book contains information from different faith communities (Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism and Sikhism) and also for those of no faith e.g. Humanist. This publication is distinctive because there will be specific chapters for each faith/ non faith perspective.

This publication concentrates largely on creating awareness and educating our statutory and voluntary partners including the wider public about religious customs / traditions for all faiths and none.

The outcomes we hope to achieve include:

  • Ease some of the difficulties experienced by communities at a time of losing a loved one by providing them with guidance and support about what they need to do after a bereavement
  • Strengthen interfaith work
  • Greater awareness amongst service providers about the various cultural and faith needs of local communities
  • Increased understanding among employers about good employment practice during bereavement e.g. time off at short notice for burials


A copy of “Discovering Through death – Beliefs and Practices” can be obtained by sending a cheque or postal order for a nominal payment of £3 per copy to cover printing & p&p

Cheques and postal orders should be made out to” MBCOL” and sent to the following address: 1a Moat Road, Leicester LE5 5EF

ISBN: 978-0-9568518-0-2