MBCOL Support Malaria Day

MBCOL delight at Money for Malaria!

The Chair of MBCOL today expressed his gratitude to his Board after their pledge to donate £1000 from their own personal savings to help tackle malaria in Africa
Suleman Nagdi MBE DL spoke after a multi faith dinner was held on Sunday 25th April 2010 by the Leicester Interfaith Youth Hub, sickness a joint initiative between the St Philip’s Centre and the Faiths Act Fellows. In total nearly £10,000 was raised. This will go towards the purchasing of bed nets and other supplies to fight malaria, Africa’s biggest killer.
Mr Nagdi said, “I am extremely proud of the personal generosity of our Board. They have dug deep into their pockets to raise money for a very serious cause which affects people of all faiths and backgrounds in Africa. As with our work locally, MBCOL has once again demonstrated that it has a wider responsibility and commitment to humanity”.
MBCOL has a strong track record of engaging with other faith communities. The charity has assisted other faith groups to learn about how they can work with public organisations to ensure timely burials and MBCOL is currently finalising a multi faith death and bereavement book which will explore sensitivities around these issues from the perspectives of eight major world religions and the humanist angle

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