“ONE LEICESTER” AWARD – achievement of Chair of MBCOL

The FMO’s Youth & Community Award ceremony was held at the Leicester Exhibition Centre in Leicester on Saturday the 10th April 2010.  The Awards ceremony was a celebration and due recognition in various fields of endeavour across the County. The awards highlighted the positive contributions made by the citizens of Leicestershire.

The ceremony was attended by the Lord Mayor, Lord Lieutenant, High Bailiff, City & County Council Leaders & Chairpersons, senior Judges, Police Officers various statuary agencies, Imams and members of other faith and non faith communities, just over 1000 delegates attended.
The Board of Trustees of MBCOL were delighted to learn that Suleman Nagdi MBE DL was the winner of the ‘ONE LEICESTER’ award. This was in recognition for Suleman’s work that has contributed significantly to community cohesion and the extraordinary work that he has undertaken through various organisations that has built good relations between our various faith communities and the work with our various statutory agencies. Mr Yakoob Dassu vice chair of MBCOL stated “We are all delighted that Suleman has been recognised, his work has been pivotal and his dedication is second to none, we hope that we can continue to build on his work and we can continue to grow in our aspirations for the future”.
Suleman’s links with Central & Regional Government, Local & Statuary Authorities, Multi-Faith organisations, and many other groups involving Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews other faiths and people of no faith, has made him versatile in his approach to faith, regeneration and community diplomacy. Suleman is known for his respect of all the different communities and adopts a non-sectarian approach to his work.
Suleman said “I am most humbled for being recognised, I wish to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to serve the community. May we all have the wisdom that enables us to understand our role in strengthen our relationship with one another, and to make Leicester the model city, that it is”

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