Reverts (Converts To Islam)

There have been problems in the past when families have laid claim to a Muslim reverts body and have wished to dispose of it in a non-Islamic way. The Statutory Declaration was introduced by MBCOL to prevent any disputes over disposal which may occur at the time of death. A revert to Islam simply fills in the Declaration which claims that treatment of the body should follow Islamic requirements and lodges it with a solicitor or local Mosque. This can then be presented if the nature of the disposal of the body is contested

The Declaration mentions details such as the avoidance of cremation, proper ghusl before burial, etc. It also mentions that you want a Janazah prayer to be performed and your body must be buried in a Muslim cemetery. You may also put in a clause stating that you wish not to have an autopsy done on your body unless it is legally required.

A point that should be noted is that to attend the Janazah prayer and burial of a Muslim is Fard Kifayah, a religious obligation, which, if performed by a few Muslims absolves the rest of the community from this responsibility. If no one discharges the obligation, then the entire Muslim community is considered jointly accountable in the eyes of Allah.

Download Statutory Declaration Form