Dear Suleman,
I hope you are well. Unfortunately I have had to make further changes as detailed below.
Due to the constant changes with the coronavirus situation, government guidelines and ever reducing staffing numbers within the registration service we are no longer able to offer the out of hours service at weekends to issue the paperwork to allow a same day burial to take place.
All paperwork for funerals to take place will now be issued within the pre-booked registration appointments we offer Monday to Friday.
I realise this will be very disappointing for the members of your community, it is not a decision this office has made lightly.
This will be until further notice. Please call 01164541000 to book an appointment. We kindly request that you discourage your members to come to the office in person, as we are limiting attendance to 2 people per pre-booked appointment. Any non-booked public visitors will be turned away.
It is also important that families do not contact the Council’s Burials service to secure a burial in advance of having secured an appointment to register the death. The Burials teams will work hand-in-hand with the Registration service to ensure that these changes are implemented fairly, and once families have registered the death they will work hard to ensure that burial takes place as speedily as possible according to the family’s wishes.
Stay well
Best wishes as always
Mrs Bharti Parmar
Interim Head of Registration & Coronial Services
23 March 2020

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