Coronavirus – advice to all of our service users

Coronavirus – advice to all of our service users
Based on the current situation and in light of the government’s recent statements we request that all people who seek to use MBCOL services are to contact us prior by phone on our “out of hours” number 07803 240493.
We will want to know whether they have:

  • a new continuous cough or a high temperature;
  • recently travelled abroad; or
  • come in to contact with somebody who has been diagnosed with the virus.

If you confirm any of the above then you are advised to let us know immediately so that we can work with another member of your family
If you or any member of your family is displaying the symptoms it would be inappropriate for you to attend any appointment with us.
The situation will be kept under review by MBCOL going forward and is subject to change.
In the meantime, it is recommended that all of our clients should consider the risk to others, and whether or not a face-to-face appointment is essential at this time, before making any arrangements for an appointment.
Your co-operation on this matter is greatly appreciated.
Suleman Nagdi

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