Coronavirus update – Muslim Chaplain – MBCOL

Coronavirus update – MBCOL
As per my conversation with Hafiz Adam please find some guidelines below regarding Coronavirus and Hospital.
If a Muslim patient passes away due to Coronavirus there will be a delay in release of the body and how the death certificate will be given to the family members there is still talks going on regarding this.
If family members wish to contact the Muslim Chaplains the Male Muslim Chaplain is available 24/7 on call and the Female Muslim Chaplain is available Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm.
To contact a Chaplain for advice or visit please ask the Nurse on the ward to contact them through switchboard.
Make dua the above helps and will keep you updated if new advice is given.
Maulana Dawood Bhula
Muslim Chaplain
University Hospitals Of Leicester NHS Trust

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