Eid Day -Saffron Hill Cemetery

Saffron Hill Cemetery – opening on Eid Day for the general public.

MBCOL has received the following appeal from the Bereavement Department of the Leicester City Council in relation to the protocol of visiting graves of our loved ones on Eid day. It is important that we pay attention to the advice given. Social distancing is still important to you and other visitors and your assistance in this regard will be greatly appreciated. We are aware that during this COVID 19 pandemic many families have lost loved ones and have been unable to partake in the funeral process because of certain restrictions. It would be good if we try and give these families priority preference to come to the cemetery on Eid day. This would be a great act of charity on our part for which we pray the Almighty rewards us for our consideration. For the rest of us, we can go on another day after Eid. For those attending can we please request all to help the local authority staff by cooperating with their requests on the day. 

The Leicester City Council makes the following appeal

“In essence however we would ask people, that during this current pandemic period that they avoid visiting the cemetery on the day of Eid if possible due to normally very high visitor numbers to help maintain social distancing. Instead I would advise perhaps visit on other days before or after so as to reduce the number of visitors on the day. I am conscious for many families this will be their first Eid since losing a loved one and if we can reduce the number of visitors this would enable them to visit in a safer manner. I would also ask that that if visiting, visitors should limit their time at the cemetery because if visitor numbers are too high we may have to close the gates”.

Alan Brown MICCM (Dip)
Bereavement Services Manager
Leicester City Council