Evha Jannath

Evha Jannath
Muslim Burial Council of Leicestershire (MBCOL) wishes to express their gratitude to all those well-wishers who attended the funeral for Evha Jannath today the 16th May 2017. The heart breaking circumstances of Evha’s untimely passing has truly captured the hearts and minds of so many people, right across the diverse communities both in this country and aboard. We know how much the loss of Evha has devastated her friends and family and we wish to again extend our sincerest condolences.
We would also like to take the opportunity to thank all those who have played a part in not only facilitating the funeral but also for providing much needed help and support.
This includes Jame’ah Girls Academy, Darus Salam Mosque, the police, the Leicestershire NHS, Staffordshire Coroner’s offices’, Leicester City Council, including the education and cemeteries department and various other statutory and non-statutory bodies.
At times like these, when so many of our public services are under extreme pressures, we are reminded of the outstanding commitment and character of those who serve us tirelessly and for this we are truly grateful.
Suleman Nagdi
Chair – MBCOL
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