MRI & CT Scan – Press Release

Muslim Burial Council Of Leicestershire (MBCOL) welcomes the positive steps recently taken by the Ministry of Justice to broaden the use of non-invasive post-mortem techniques. In particular, malady MBCOL would like to express its gratitude to Justice Minister Bridget Prentice for spending time with the faith communities around Manchester who have developed a private arrangement for post-mortem MRI scanning with their coroner.
Whilst MBCOL has always supported the use of MRI, CT and other examinations to confirm the cause of death in appropriate cases; we have been made aware that any system implemented has to be in a safe, reliable, robust and cost-effective way and in a manner that does not compromise the duty of justice placed upon the Coroner.
Suleman Nagdi has said
“We are optimistic following the recent announcements however Concerns still remain in some quarters as to whether the virtual autopsy can be the only model that is legally robust and can be delivered in a manner that is cost effective and proportionate. We will be closely watching the reforms as they are debated and will continue to engage with the Ministry of Justice, Department of Health and with the lead researchers in this field. I am also cautious about the apparent over-optimistic reports that have been made recently and I feel that some expectations may be misconceived”
MBCOL will continue with its ongoing work to further reduce conventional autopsies through better engagement with medical professionals and with the Coroner’s office.
For further information contact:
Suleman Nagdi
07759 446 555

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