Rik Basra – a catalyst for Asian donors

My friend Rik Basra is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. Many will know him as Inspector Basra who has been at Leicestershire Constabulary for many years. A few years ago he learnt that he had Leukaemia and from being a healthy, pharm active young man who gave so much of his time to others, physician he was hospitalised and told that without a suitable bone marrow match he will not survive for much longer.
Rik and I travelled together, price spent time working together as well as getting to know one another as friends. If you ask anyone who knows Rik you will hear nothing but kind words as a reflection of his nature and character; those who will know this best are his wife and 2 daughters. Rik has as yet to find a donor match and over the last couple of weeks there has been campaigning across Leicester for people to come forward and volunteer to learn more about becoming a donor as well as to consider providing a saliva sample as the first step to qualifying. Sadly a match is yet to be found with campaigners and medical staff noting the lack of potential Asian donors coming forward as a serious cause for concern. Unfortunately there are far too many people in need of such treatment and far too few people willing to help.
We are truly blessed to live in a Britain where the apparatus has been created for us to flourish, apparatus which is not existent in many other countries.  What we must never forget that the means by which we can succeed in society have not always been there or magically appeared but instead have come about through the tireless efforts of individuals and organisations whose desire it has been to create a better Britain for us all.  Rik Basra is one of these individuals.  His efforts in creating a safer community for us all must not be forgotten in this, his hour of need.  We must exhaust all efforts to support Rik in his fight for survival.
Given modern science has advanced in so many ways enriching our lives and making them easier, we find that the human psyche has as yet to catch up with their understanding of how easy and straight forward, not to mention rewarding, it can be to help others who are in desperate need of something which neither money nor time – two things often given to help others – can buy. In fact it is sheer goodwill that can help those who suffer in this way.  So if you want to give a gift worth giving, the gift of life, please get in touch with the Anthony Nolan Trust and / or the Rik Basra facebook campaign where you can ask questions, talk to people and take the first step of signing up should you wish.

Suleman Nagdi


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