Taking Bodies Abroad

Taking bodies abroad for burial is discouraged. The main reason for this being that a process of embalming has to be undertaken in order to preserve the body.

Another reason being, that the actual transportation of a deceased body in access of a few miles is prohibited by a number of institutions of Jurisprudence. It has to be noted that MBCOL was set up to facilitate an early burial with this ruling in mind.

The embalming process of temporary preservation involves the removal of blood and  its replacement with a fluid (made up of chemical substances). At this point it has to be noted that the fluid used to replace the blood contains traces of alcohol.

Small incisions are made in either the carotid or femoral artery and the jugular or femoral vein; the disinfecting fluid is injected through the carotid or femoral artery, and the blood is drained from the jugular or femoral vein.

The above method of embalming described is clearly disturbing and we would like to point out that to a degree it is also tantamount to desecration of the body, hence not permissible in Islam.