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Death is an ever-present reality for us all; ‘it will find us, illness wherever we are’. Very few of us however like to think about death on a day-to-day basis. It’s just easier ‘not’ to talk about something that’s difficult to understand and easy to put out of your mind. We are certainly not reminded of it as frequently as our predecessors once were or as many still are in different parts of the world. But perhaps it is also easier to deliberately avoid it; to focus on our present situation, rather than waste time worrying about our possible sad demise or contemplation of the ‘unknown’. Then of course there is the ‘fear’ of death, leaving loved ones behind and to what possible frightening end?

Often this can mean that when we are actually faced with the death of a loved one, the understanding of what to do, and how to do it, what to feel and how to express it, is limited. Added to this, the prospect of trying to decipher what rites and responsibilities one’s faith or belief may require of them can be both complicated and daunting.


What we Do

This website has been designed to give a better understanding of the subject and attempts to deal with people’s beliefs on how the body of the deceased should be looked after, how interment procedures should take place, how grief might be dealt with and much more. It also looks at some of the debates around complex issues with in belief/value systems, such as post mortems, organ transplants, brain death and suicide

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We provide advice and guidance in respect of all matters relating to death and bereavement.

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We provide practical support and services in respect of Funerals and all the relevant arrangements. 


In the many years that we have been involved in this sector, we have developed expertise and knowledge.

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